Our Policies


Ursyfin Integrated Services in providing innovative & complete solution to customers need, would adhere strictly to quality services.
In attaining this high quality services,continual improvement of manpower development & process performance shall be in place and application of refined technology to our products and services.
In sustaining this high quality services we shall comply with ISO 9001, calibration to UKAS standard both international and national requirement and ensuring that the due process and procedures are followed in the course of operations.


Ursyfin Integrated Services is so much concerned about life of her employees and as a result would comply strictly with adequate provision and use of personal protective equipment in cause of operations and compliance to various safety procedures with respect to job operations.
In carryout this course, there is minimization of accidental loss & regular identification of likely causes of accident with respect to the various jobs. Also in carryout this objective, we shall increase commitment and promote safety awareness/training programs amongst our employees. It’s also on records that Ursyfin has not maintained Zero LTl for the past two years


Ursyfin Integrated Services recognizes her responsibility in ensuring good health for her employees. Therefore, in attaining this policy there is need to reduce possible risks that may result in sickness, injury, death, property damage and other forms of loss.
The management retains a good government approved hospital to handle the health of her employees. Health hazards are recognized early, monitored and controlled. Promotion of structured programmes of health education is made amongst employees and ensuring that all employees are fit to undertake their duties through bi-annual medical examination.


Ursyfin Integrated Services is committed to monitoring health and productive workplace in aspiration to conduct her business in compliance with high CASHES standard.
There is an enforcement of policy to prohibit the use of drugs and alcohol by employees in the cause of job operations. Compliance with this policy will be measured by the various supervisors on job location and offices.


Ursyfin Integrated Services is concerned about her employee’s health and encourages her employee to live in a clean and healthy environment both at home and in place of operations. Efforts are made towards reduction of some physical tenor that could influence health of her employee at work.
Reduction in effect of use and disposal of injurious chemical, noise, fumes and other chemical waste during operation is adhere to. Also the employees are given awareness in compliance to statutory requirement of Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPAi).